Everything you need to know about TUTUapp


Today, development and revolution in technology have brought amazing smartphones and along with the best applications to be installed in them. These devices and applications have made the life of common man easier than before. There are hundreds of applications which are helpful and can be installed on any smartphone. One among them which is growing in its popularity is TUTUapp.

This TUTUapp comes with a lot of functions and features. For game lovers, this app is considered as more than a boon since it carries a lot of advantages.

All about TUTUapp:

This is a trending app which has its origins in China. To understand this, it is nothing but an app store for Chinese, but it can be accessed all over the world. One thing to remember here is it should be accessed in the Chinese language. No worries, updates are happening, and in a few days they will release the English version as well. Recently they also changed the name from TUTU app and now its TUTU helper.

TUTU app comes in 2 versions. One is regular and other is premium. This app experienced its leading from the days when people started playing Pokemon go and later in a few weeks it became prevalent. Now, one can get Pokemon to go hacks in the premium version of TUTU app.

TUTU app provides hacks because it encourages people to earn more and more points. This also allows users to sit in the comfort of their home and play the games without searching for destinations. This also comes with GPS walking hacks and fake location hacks as well.

These are the unique features which are provided by TUTUapp, and they cannot be seen anywhere else. This is the main reason people started liking this app. One more advantage of this is it is not only restricted to smartphones but can also be accessed in mac and windows as well. This app offers hacks for many games, and some of them are Pokemon, royale, etc. There is a list of leading games for which it provides hacks. This app’s interface is, and hence it becomes effortless to navigate through this app.

Best features:

Other than the unique features mentioned above, there are some more features of this app. They are

  • Users need not spend a penny to get this app installed either on Windows, Android or IOS
  • There is no need for jailbreaking the devices. TUTU app can be installed without jailbreaking
  • One more thing in case of Android devices most of them have access to this app both in un-rooted and rooted devices
  • TUTUapp comes with an easily accessible, straightforward interface. This is the reason users can navigate through this with little or maybe no complications
  • Other than all these it also comes with some extra and special features for some devices. In some tools, it can clear entire garbage storage from the device. It can certainly make the job run smoothly.
  • TUTUapp is entirely safe, and it is secured

Some users may think about the safety of using this app. They believe it is fake. It is not a scam and users can go through a lot of reviews where people explained that it is a real application. TUTUapp is already approved from the concerned authority. There are negative reviews, and they have helped the site to get improve further.

TUTUapp aims

This TUTUapp aims to provide the best help for game lovers and make their job easier through offering hacks. Through this, they can earn more coins and more points. Without paying anything, players can lead in their game.

TUTUapp is emerging as one of the best alternatives for app stores like iOS and Android. Along with this, one best thing is there is no need to spend a lot of money. It always offers best, and they are similar to any other premium app. TUTU app allows users to download as well as install many apps and games for free. TUTU app excels because of its best features, and this is available for almost all the platforms.

TUTUapp: installation

TUTUapp can be installed for iOS and Android. Users must follow a few steps to install this app.

Android devices:

  • Initially one must set the unknown devices option which will be present under security settings
  • Search for the right link and try downloading apk file for this app
  • Install the downloaded apk file and start using the app


  • Safari browser must be launched. It is very important because all the browser may not support the entire process
  • Go to tutuapptips.com
  • Download the application and install it

There is no need to root the device for this application to be installed. No need of jailbreak as well. Without any issues, the app will start running on the device. TUTUapp is considered to be a great performer as an app store. The best thing about this app is it allows any app to be downloaded for free. Any number of apps can be downloaded an installed for free through TUTUapp.

TUTUapp comes with hacked and modded versions of many famous and leading games which are paid apps and games. Along with these it also provides additional tools which help the user to handle their smartphone in a better way.

TUTUapp VIP version:

There are few significant differences between TUTUapp regular version and the TUTUapp VIP version. They are

  • When the regular version is installed, it can be made inactive by Apple or revoked by it anytime. But when the VIP version is present, it will stay active forever
  • With the regular version user can download limited games but with the VIP version it is possible to download more games and their hacked version as well
  • It is same with apps as well. Regular version allows less number of apps and VIP allows more apps along with their hacked version
  • It is not possible for regular users to submit a new app which should be added to TUTU app. But VIP users can submit new apps, and after they get approval they can be used by other users

Along with this, in case of the regular version, if the TUTU app gets deactivated, then users may not be able to access applications which are previously downloaded. This is not the case with VIP version. All the games and apps which are already downloaded will continue to work as before with their saved data even when the TUTUapp is deactivated.